Friday, August 24, 2018

My Return to the 2018 Jazz Age Lawn Party

I'm en route to my sister Ariane's bachelorette party in NYC this weekend and am also squeezing in a return to my 6th visit to the Jazz Age Lawn Party. I haven't been since 2015 when I took both kids, but this time around I'm excited to go kid-free. The forecast looks AMAZING, and I think it will be a wonderful way to cap my weekend in my favorite city!

I thought it might be fun to take a look back at some of my favorite moments at the JALP...

The first year I went was 2010 a few weeks after Nia was born, and while I don't have any photos from that first visit, it was such a fun day wearing Baby Nia and heading over to Governor's Island with my BJJ Julie who was in town visiting from Ohio.

In 2011 I went back with my sister Ariane, and I was quite ambitious embarking on my first sewing project for Nia: a little pillowcase dress. 

Luckily, in 2012 the pillowcase dress still fit Nia, and I returned again with Ariane. Also. that year Nia's personality really started to shine through, and she fully embraced the sprit of JALP making friends and dancing to the music. This video of Nia dancing still makes my heart swell! 

We returned for our 4th visit to JALP in 2013, and it was a special year as we spotted the Boston-born, legendary New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham in action, and he even captured a shot of Nia! 

My sister's outfit that year was my favorite! 
The last time I went was in 2015, and it was just me and the kids. It was also Grayson's first visit! It was incredibly hot that year, and while we didn't last too long, it was heartwarming to be able to take both kids at last for this NYC tradition. 

Once we moved to Boston in 2016, JALP has still been a fond memory for me and this year it will be exciting since it's my first time going kid-free. I can't wait to report what that will be like...

To get your tickets to the JALP, held twice each summer, visit the website, and be sure to follow my Instagram Stories at @harlemlovebirds as well as #jazzagelawnparty across social media for all the fun this weekend.