Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Back to School with PhysicianOne Urgent Care

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by PhysicianOne Urgent Care as part of an influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

This week has been a big one for my family: with my son starting his second year of preschool yesterday he and his sister are now at the same school and will continue to be there through the entire school year. While it's been quite the celebration, we've also had a rough week health-wise, but we are thankful for the care we received at our local PhysicianOne Urgent Care facility.

This wasn't our first need for emergency care since returning to Boston exactly two years ago this week. My son and daughter tripped over each other soon after moving, and I frantically searched for an emergency room to take them to wishing I had an urgent care facility nearby. I was new to the area and wasn't quite familiar yet so this time around, when we needed emergency care and it was timed with my partnership with PhysicianOne Urgent Care I knew exactly where to go and thankfully being open 365 days per year the minute we got back from our Labor Day vacation in New York City I went there.

I'm grateful that New England-founded PhysicanOne Urgent Care centers provide care for non-life threatening injuries and illnesses for all ages which was a concern for my family in the past when we were in need of care but at nearly 2 years of age at the time, my son was deemed too young. Also I was thrilled to learn that with the average ER visit costing $750 (after the initial co-pay), PhysicianOne Urgent Care's cost for the same treatment is closer to $150. 

Once we arrived I noticed the bright and calm reception and waiting area that even had a small table and chairs for children. The front desk staff directed me to an easy sign-in form on an iPad while my kids of course immediately noticed the coloring sheets, crayons, and a basket of snacks! I completed my forms and submitted everything with only a brief wait before being seen. 

The provider who met with us was warm and welcoming keeping my daughter at ease while listening to us voice our concerns. He even let my son get up close so he could "assist" and comfort his big sister. What I really appreciated was that compared to our other emergency room visits, it was a less chaotic environment at the PhysicianOne Urgent Care center especially when there can be uncertainty as to what your children may be exposed to seeing or hearing in the wide open spaces of an emergency room. 

The provider quickly called in my daughter's prescription, and we were on our way with a brief stop at the lollipop jar for good measure! 

Beyond emergency care, PhysicianOne also offers flu shots as well as $35 sports physicals through September 15. Now as a cheerleading for the first time this season this is definitely on my radar as my daughter needed a physical on record to participate, and sometimes it can be hectic in the back to school rush to get one booked. 

I also find it helpful that PhysicianOne Urgent Care provides the option to call (855)349-2828 to check whether or not a patient can be treated at their centers. This quick check can help save time before heading over. No appointment is needed if you do decide to just show up, and with X-ray, lab, IV services and flu shots offered daily as well as most insurances accepted it is definitely worthwhile to visit the website to find the location closest to you and bookmark it. 

How is your school year going so far for your family? Have you ever had to make an urgent care visit?


P.S. For a Wayback Wednesday of my family's first emergency room visit including a very interesting picture of my daughter's resulting X-ray check out this post