Monday, October 29, 2018

inherQuests: Fun Financial Education for Girls

Disclosure: I received a sample from inherQuests for review purposes; all opinions expressed are my own. 

Last week we had Nia's 3rd grade parent/teacher conference and there were no surprises: she continues to do exceedingly well and we are grateful for stability as we just celebrated the one year anniversary of her transfer to a new school after years of transitioning between 5 other schools. 

We are in a good place, but we are not complacent. 

I know that not all education takes places in the classroom and if you follow my Instagram Stories you know that Nia is engaged in other learning experiences and extracurricular activities to supplement what she learns in school including piano, theater and dance. One of those topics is financial education. It's her father's industry so not only does she gets an education from him, but when inherQuests reached out to us about their special financial education themed boxes especially for girls I was excited for Nia to try it out. 

We received the Lifestyles & Money Attitudes box for ages 7-9. inherQuests describes it as an "introduction to what a lifestyle is and how our attitudes and behaviors around money affects things, and how they can affect what lifestyle we want for ourselves." I was especially drawn to this particular box because these are topics I hadn't discussed with Nia before. 

Fortune Teller was Nia's favorite of the three activities - a game similar to MASH that was so popular for us 80s babies (do you remember playing as a kid?). Each game has a "Talk Time" section with thought provoking questions, and I especially appreciate that the artwork on the cards has diversity of girls represented. 

The Ace Reporter activity comes with glasses!
The Ace Reporter activity was a fun mother-daughter experience as Nia interviewed me asking reflective questions such as, "What did you want to be when you were younger?" and "What do you like about your life now?" I like that the activity encouraged her to write, setting a goal to interview as many people about their lifestyles as possible.

Make A Choice was a physical version of "choose your own adventure" with scenarios given along with two choices asking the players to reflect on their choices at the end of the game. The Talk Time prompts in this activity encourage discussion about one's opinions and attitudes about money encouraging parents to share their own attitudes with their daughter while recognizing their child's viewpoints.

Would you like to try inherQuests with your little girl? They are currently in the final days of their Kickstarter campaign which you can support here. At the time of this post they are 89% to their goal and every little bit helps (plus they have some fantastic rewards!). 

Do you remember how old you were when you learned about money?