Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Mom Boss in the Making? Join Me in NYC This Saturday!

I'm thrilled to share that I'll be speaking alongside at The Exchange presented by Moms Make it Work this Saturday, November 3 from 11a.m.-2p.m. As I shared in my Quiana in Action post, this year has really been shift for me as I've been transitioning to doing more outside of the blog including more speaking engagement and hosting events. 

I met Veronica Guity, founder of Moms Make it Work, at Blogalicious several years ago and was thrilled to hear how her first The Exchange went last month. It is the perfect opportunity for moms to connect with networking and candid conversation in a fabulous venue! 

You can check out a preview here:

I look forward to sharing my experience from blogger to small business owner and what I've learned along the way so I can help inspire more moms to do the same. 

FREE link to RSVP here!