Friday, January 18, 2019

Our 2019 Minted Card & Day Designer Winner!

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What a month January has been!

Anyone else feel like this?: 

I know it's the same as the header of my New Year's post, but that navy script and added heart is EVERYTHING! When I showed Mr. Lovebird he smiled so grandly and declared it his favorite card of ours. I think I agree. 


At Last.

On to the Day Designer winner:

{The Instagram comment entries were entered in the widget above with some falling below the fold. Thank you to all who entered!}

Congrats Jannelle Combs! I'll be in touch with you to select your Flagship print. There are so many to choose from!:

{Image via Day Designer Instagram}

If you *still* want to purchase your own Day Designer, they also come in a Mini size and you can pre-print sample sheets for free here to see which one works for you. 

Snow is coming for us and our plans are shifting as I type. Praying everyone stays safe and cozy if snow is also coming for you!

Lastly, as we head into Martin Luther King Jr. Day please if you don't do anything else please read and share this.