Thursday, February 14, 2019

Galentine's Day or Valentine's Day: It's Complicated

I want to say "Happy Valentine's Day," but I'm still relishing in the beauty that was my 2nd annual Galentine's Day party I hosted last weekend. Remember when I posted about my first one?

Galentine's Day 2019
Heading into it this time around was a bit different as my sister Ariane was in town visiting for a few days, and we sat down for the first time on Facebook Live to chat about our relationships with women...

Check it out:

What was evident coming out of this Facebook Live is that there is so much to say that we couldn't even cover, and we're motivated to do another that includes our youngest sister, Lauren.

Having been educated in mostly female environments, I definitely think made a difference in my adult relationships with women and as we mentioned in the FB Live, my sister and I had been regularly sharing articles and quotes relating to the topic. 

I promised to round them up here so here they are:

  • Lastly, I don't know where I came across this, but as a Virgo it really hit home; I know people say astrological signs aren't true, but this was eerily accurate:
{via: PureWow}

Now onto GALentine's Day...

This year I invited a small group of local ladies again for brunch, yoga and pampering. I didn't find out that Galentine's Day was from Parks & Rec until recently, but no matter - it was a lovely occasion to celebrate! 

{via @mommieslivesmatter}
Like last year, I wanted to champion my fellow women entrepreneurs and local yoga instructor Linette, aka BosYogi, led my friends in a one hour session then Mary, my Arbonne consultant friend, provided pampering. 

I made my favorite banana bread and had other healthy treats on hand while locally and woman-owned Organic Bath Co. sent over a few goodies for the ladies to take home for self-care including their divine PeaceFull Body Butter

My friend Alex of Making Motherhood Visible wrote a thoughtful reflection of Galentine's Day! Check it out here and get started thinking about planning one for next year. 

Have you ever attended a Galentine's Day party?