Tuesday, February 26, 2019

On The Shoulders of Giants: An Annual Black History Month Celebration

Last January when I wrote Quiana in Action I had no idea what the rest of 2018 would entail. It was a year of putting my head down and getting to work. I went into the year thinking I'd get a couple opportunities to share my voice through speaking at two conferences whereas by year's end I had been invited to speak 7 times. It was a stellar year and heading into 2019 I knew it'd only be grander.

The work that I described in Quiana in Action is really just a snippet of all I do and I do it because there is a lot at stake. When I was asked by Moms Demand Action to share some thoughts about what inspires me to be involved in the movement to end gun violence, I emailed my responses and was excited to have another chance to inspire more moms to get involved. 

With Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and my co-volunteers tabling at a farmer's market
I was humbled to learn that Everytown for Gun Safetythe umbrella organization of Moms Demand Action, invited me to New York City this week to accept an award at their Black History Month event: On the Shoulders of Giants. It will be a thoughtful evening reflecting on the work that I and four other Moms Demand Action volunteers are doing bringing together visual and performance art to tell our stories. 

Event art by Shanée Benjamin

The best part: I'll get to celebrate with *both* my sisters and another dear friend in attendance (Mr. Lovebird is staying behind to hold down the fort with the little Lovebirds!). 

At Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley's community swearing in 
I do what I do not for awards or attention, but because of my desire to truly make a difference in the world - a motto from my alma mater Wellesley College that drew me in even as a prospective student. 

Thank you to Moms Demand Action and Everytown for this honor. If you want to join me in the movement to end gun violence text READY to 64433 to help now.