Monday, April 8, 2019

Three (!) Headshots & a Life Update

{Photo by: Justin Hackworth; Shirt by: The Nineteenth Amendment D.C.}

Over the weekend I received the last of my headshots from Altitude Summit, and I was especially thrilled to catch photographer Justin Hackworth who was in high demand yet again! I remember being enthralled by his images before attending my first Alt Summit in 2014 as he seemed to perfectly capture the electric atmosphere of the conference. 

I actually have a couple more headshots to share from Alt Summit... 

From the TapBio Flash Truck
I remember seeing the TapBio Flash Truck at Mom 2.0 last year and the line was always crazy long so I was thrilled to see it at Alt! 

Also at many of these influencer conferences fellow attendees offer photography services which I think is so cool to be able to have the chance to support fellow entrepreneurs. Clarissa Nicole of Five12 Studio captured me rockin' the official color of Alt Summit:

I always enjoy having a wide range of headshots to use especially for my speaking engagements and events!

Speaking of events, I wanted to also share a mini-life update...

  • I'm gearing up for my 6th cruise and the kids' 4th for spring break. It'll be awesome to unplug, but I look forward to sharing more about our experience when we get back. 

  •  I recently co-chaired my first Multicultural Night at my kids' school. It was such a beautiful event with a ton of delicious food!  

  • This week I'm walking in the NEXTonScene annual fashion show! It's been on my radar a couple years now so I was thrilled to be invited to participate. I had my fitting last week and I'm absolutely loving what I'll be wearing. Can't wait to share pics! 
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  • When we return from our cruise I'm quickly switching gears to head to my 3rd time at sold out Mom 2.0 in Austin; I'm excited to spend extra time there with Mr. Lovebird for the weekend visiting with friends especially since we've never been before.
  • After Mom 2.0 we get to head down to Baltimore back-to-back weekends to spend time celebrating big events with friends and family
  • Next we'll be in the home stretch of the end of the school year and so far I'm thankful our family has a much lighter summer schedule vs. last year!
 What are you up to this season?