Tuesday, May 7, 2019

20 Birthdays with Mr. Lovebird

With the birthday boy in Ocho Rios last month

Today marks my 20th year celebrating Mr. Lovebird's birthday with him. 

20 years. 

We've literally known each other our entire adulthood. 

Valentine's Day 2001 in my college dorm's kitchen

Post-game 2004; I have no idea what he was telling me!

Visiting Uka in Germany during his 1st professional basketball season

So, so random, but I remember taking one of those, "What kind of dog are you quizzes?" several years ago, and while he turned out to be a Golden Retriever, I think I turned out to be a significantly less nicer dog (most likely a pit bull!). I reflected, "Yes, that totally makes sense!"

He is so giving, kind, humorous and tempers me in so many ways. 

2017: our first Easter in our new home

Uka is an excellent father, professional and husband. 

My forever homeyloverfriend. 

Next month we head to Puerto Rico to celebrate 10 years of marriage. Now *that* really did fly by!

Happy 38th birthday, Uka.