Thursday, May 23, 2019

GROUNDED!: A (Picture Heavy) Life Update

When I picked him up he told me nothing happened at school. Then his teacher shared this picture! 
Last weekend ended a 5 week streak of being on airplanes. It was so nice not to have to be in an airport! As my family gears up for a staycation Memorial Day Weekend I am absolutely thrilled to be grounded for the next 5 weeks until we return to Puerto Rico to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. 

Here's what we've been up to...

Spring break cruise - a picture-heavy recap is here! Grayson keeps asking when we're going back and yes, we've already started exploring our options for next year...

Easter in NYC - this was sandwiched in as quick trip on our way back from our cruise, but it was so special to spend the holiday with my sisters and brother-in-law in Queens; we also got to see my husband's side of the family too! 

My sister's homemade cakes including carrot cake (#teamnoraisins)
were AMAZING! 
My goofy girl during the indoor Easter egg hunt!

Our first trip to Austin, TX - 4 weeks later and I'm *still* thinking about how to get back to this city! I can't wait to take the kids, but for now you can check out more details about experience here

3 back-to-back flights on Spirit Airlines - I need to do a full breakdown on what it's like to fly Spirit. We first started flying the airline in 2017 to much (unwarranted) criticism, and let's just  say most folks aren't very good at following directions which leads to them bring frustration upon themselves. It's been a 9/10 great experience for us especially as a family of 4! 

Family/Friend Celebrations - We spent consecutive weekends in Maryland for a friend's wedding followed by my sister-in-law's 50th birthday. The kids were able to come with us on the 2nd trip, but it was nice having two kid-free weekends before that. A HUGE shout out to my uncle and aunt-in-laws for keeping the kids for us!

Weekend 1 in Maryland sans-kids

Weekend 2 in Maryland
The In-Between - During the weekdays that we were home we've kept up with our Goldfish Needham swimming lessons (check out my Highlights on Instagram!) as well as attended events with Moms Demand Action including a community vigil.

Next up, I'm preparing to return to Wellesley's reunion where I'll be speaking as part of the Wellesley Racial Justice Initiative as well as participating in Wear Orange Day that same weekend with Moms Demand Action. It's also Nia's 3rd annual dance recital that weekend, and she's informed me that it's her last. We're looking ahead to the summer and pursuing other interests including theater. 

We're steadily hurtling to the end of the school year...