Thursday, May 30, 2019

4 Reasons Why We Love Goldfish Swim School - Needham

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Goldfish Swim School. All opinions expressed are my own.

Grayson's duck lips! I never know what I'm gonna get when I take a pic!
So much has happened since we first signed up to partner with Goldfish Swim School in Needham, MA including an amazing spring break cruise and our decision to drop a couple extracurriculars and add in more pool time!

Let me explain...

I'm an overwhelmed parent, and I'm constantly looking out for my kids so they don't fall into the overwhelm-trap themselves. I do regular check-ins about how they feel when we commit to activities like dance, piano, basketball and theater. And they definitely give me a piece of their minds! For example after 3 straight years of dance, when Nia completes her recital next weekend she's confirmed that she's done dancing until further notice. We've also been on hiatus from piano - our schedule intensified, and we just we're able to align with our instructor's availability.

Enter Goldfish Swim School. 

May is National Water Safety Awareness Month and with all that's happened in our family the past 8 weeks, it's been an ideal partnership. 

Here are 4 reasons why we love Goldfish Swim School - Needham:

1) Emphasis on Water Safety - Did you know that drowning is the leading cause of death among children according to the American Red Cross? All the more reason for water safety being a top parenting priority. While each Goldfish Swim School location is independently owned and operated, I appreciate seeing their corporate commitment to National Water Safety Awareness Month. This is evident when we return each week for our lesson - the friendly instructors are so consistent in their safety reminders to the kids especially with the littlest swimmers.  My 4 year old is really good about following the rules too!  

Check out Jenny McCuiston, the co-founder of Goldfish Swim School, who was on Today Show earlier this week for Water Safety Month:

2) Confidence Unlocked - I had a hard goal of refreshing my children's swimming skills in advance of our family spring break cruise, and thankfully we were able to get 4 lessons in before we set sail. I noticed the kids' confidence not only in the pools onboard the cruise but in the ocean at our ports as well. The kids were eager to be in the water daily, and while we kept a lifejacket on Grayson onboard, I could tell he absorbed his swimming lessons through his form and fearlessness. 

Rockin' her Goldfish Swim School goggles

3) The Flexibility - This summer our local Goldfish Swim School is running a great promo deal where we were able to sign-up to continue our lessons for only $24/lesson per kid. I was concerned that we were going to have to drop our lessons due to some other camp plans Nia is signed up for but they assured me we could continue to shift around our lessons as needed, similar to how we did for spring break as 12 make-ups are allowed annually and you can schedule them out in advance. 

4) The Mompreneur Angle - Whenever a business I love and support is also ran by a mom boss it makes me that much more enthusiastic about it! You can read the backstory on wife-and-husband duo Jenny and Chris McCuitson here via Entrepreneur. It's such an inspiration to hear how family-owned businesses get started and the feeling of camaraderie witnessing another mom make it! 

It really is a testament to the effectiveness (and fun-ness!) of Goldfish Swim School that we've decided to continue lessons beyond our partnership! I really enjoy showcasing companies and brands that my family believes in, and I highly recommend contacting your local location for a visit to see if it's a good fit for your family as well. 

P.S. Head over to Instagram to check out my Goldfish Swim School Needham Highlight to see some fun videos and pics of our past two months!