Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Ready for Paris with Whistlefritz

Disclosure: Whistlefritz provided complimentary language products to facilitate this review; all opinions expressed are my own. 

When Nia was a toddler we traveled to Nigeria with a brief layover in Paris. Basically the closest we got to experiencing any part of the city was grabbing a sleeve of macarons before hopping on our connecting flight! Since then we've discussed returning for a dedicated trip and in a few short weeks we'll finally have that chance as a family. 

While we've been careful not to over plan our trip and allow plenty of time for just wandering around the city, one thing we've been doing to prepare is learning a bit of French and doing it in a fun way thanks to Whistlefritz, an award-winning, immersion-based language program.

The Whistlefritz programs we've been using!
Nia was the first one to tell us she was eager to learn French before the trip and I was excited when Whistlefritz reached out to me! They got us started with French for Kids - Dedans et Dehors and "Carnaval" French Learning Songs. We've been swapping between streaming on our TV and iPad and the kids especially like dancing along to the songs and seeing the other children in the programs. Seeing real kids speak French is crucial to the immersion method!

Whistlefritz has a wide variety of programs in both French and Spanish and even when we have it on in the background, I see the value of immersion. In context and with frequency, we've been able to pick up basic words and phrases that I know will help us on our trip. It's important to me to teach the kids to become mindful world travelers by at least making an effort to speak the native language when abroad and not to assume that everyone else speaks English. 

If you're curious about immersion-based language learning visit the FAQs on Whistlefritz's website. I recommend reviewing their product options to find the best fit for your family. With resources for educators including free homeschool lesson plans, it really is quite comprehensive. 

I look forward to coming back with pictures of our visit and some video examples of the children speaking a bit of French while on our trip!

What has been your experience learning a new language with your children?