Friday, March 20, 2020

2020: A Kevin McCallister Moment

Grayson meeting his Great Grandma Mary for the first time
A while back I was speaking with my Grandma Mary in Columbus, Ohio - my last living grandparent. I was lamenting over the fact that while there were a lot of positive things happening, I really would like for everything to pause for about 2 weeks so I could just breathe for a moment and catch up.

Yesterday, I called my Grandma Mary to check on her, and explained that it seems that I got what I wished for but in a twisted kind of way.

My Kevin McCallister Moment.

via @MotherHonestly

At the time of this writing we're grounded here in Boston until the kids go back to school April 27, but of course there are still so many unknowns

This point made by Rachel Cargle especially struck me hard:

For everything I've deleted out of my calendar, every cancelled opportunity and postponed trip, I've now shifted my whole outlook and yes, it's exhausting, but I'm grateful.

For now I'm thankful for a few places I've been invited to share my voice:

<<Click here to replay my segment; full 2 hour special here>>

<<Full feature here>>

Before we were social distancing, I was out running errands and caught a snippet of a news story that explained when this is all over the recovery will look like a "V" chart. 

I'll be ready for it. 

P.S. I'm still most active over on Instagram - especially my Stories!