Monday, May 11, 2020

Mom-ing During Covid

Like Easter, Mother's Day 2020 was quiet and undocumented. I spent mine peacefully and was mostly left alone, but for 2021 I'm already plotting to get away solo for the whole weekend! 

In the interim my family and I are kicking off week 9 at home and week 8 of distance learning here in Boston. With 5 more weeks to go after this one (Lord help me!), it's been quite the test of patience and motivation. I've found the hardest part is imagining what the summer and beyond will look like, and rather than let speculation get the best of me (I tend to spiral into an abyss when I do), I've just been focusing on one day at a time.

This means being thankful for virtual opportunities to connect that have not only come my way but those I've created including a weekly check-in I hosted for a few girlfriends nationwide Sundays during the month of April to "stop by" on Zoom. It was such a great way to see a few of my favorite faces, and understandably with Zoom burnout in full effect, not feel obligated to have an agenda or obligation to stay on the full 40 (FREE) minutes. There was a lot of podcast/booklist/what-I'm-watching sharing, and I loved it! 

Below are a few places I've shown up around the Internet. Thank you to everyone who continues to invite me to share my voice (I have lots to say!), and you can find a few other places I showed up at the beginning of social isolation in this post

Moms Hierarchy of Needs

Fellow Boston-mom Leslie, founder of Moms Hierarchy of Needs, and I had a thoughtful discussion about how I've carved out my path and now in the midst of Covid-19 how I'm valuing multiple profit centers. Click here to read the interview.


I was invited back on my local NPR station last week for a check-in since my first interview during week 1 of distance learning. Things are quite different now that we're in Phase 2 of the Boston Public School plan! You can hear my clip in the last 10 minutes of the segment here (and pt. 1 from March is here).

Convos with Carmen

I was so delighted to catch up with another Boston mom, Carmen for a special episode of Convos with Carmen. We could go on and on chatting about all the things, but we kept our 30 minutes pretty tight discussing self-care, parenting challenges and our guiding principles. Click here to listen to the short version on Instagram TV or the full version here on Facebook:

Thank you to those of you who continue to share my posts and send opportunities my way! I'm still mostly over on Instagram - my stories are a mix of current events, humor and our day-today. Follow along: @HarlemLovebirds