Monday, June 29, 2020

Celebrating in the Midst of Covid

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A couple weeks ago when Grayson declared he was going to have a "dumb birthday" due to Covid-19, I set out to make sure that wouldn't be the case. I get that we're all having to make adjustments, but especially for the kids I'm saddened at how things have turned upside down for them.

2019 - 10 year vow renewal in Puerto Rico
{Photographer: 1982 Creative Studios}

Those of you who have been following me for years know how big of a celebration the month of June is for me and my family. Of course there's Father's Day and the end of school here in Boston - we ended on the 22nd (it was supposed to be the 19th, but they just *had* to tack on a Monday as a make-up snow day), and the complications of distance learning made it even more celebratory.

We ended the week with our 11th anniversary followed by Grayson's 6th birthday.

Here's how we made it a good week...

Father's Day was a day of rest for "Daddy Uka" - we are still very much social distancing and we cooked at home. I made Uka a special gift box including some goodies from Beautycounter (my friend Melissa's recent promo was all her commission going to EJI!), and Nia added in a witty coupon book. It took quite a bit of big sister coercing to get The Grayson to sign the card though!

After breakfast the kids enjoyed setting up their new splash pad (thanks to my parents and sisters), and I even ran through a couple times!

The last day of school Nia's 4th grade co-teacher showed up with a special surprise for her summer birthday! We really do love our school and how thoughtful they were throughout distance learning.

With our anniversary last Friday, I decided to kick it off with a self-delivery of Bouqs! It's one of my best decisions ever the past couple years to treat myself for celebratory occasions (and on time to boot!). I was so used to ordering Bouqs for others that I thought, "Why not for me?!"

Bouqs didn't disappoint:

Nia was excited to give Hello Fresh a try for our special anniversary dinner! I last blogged about Hello Fresh 7 years ago before she was helping me in the kitchen, but now with summer camps closed she saw a commercial for a promo code and asked to try it. I'm so glad we did! Nia selected our two meals and decided to make  one of them on Friday, our actual anniversary. It was SO good, and we're going to stick with Hello Fresh at least for the summer. To get $40 off your first Hello Fresh box click here!

Next up was Grayson's 6th birthday. We made it a distance porch party with mask-wearing guests greeting us from the sidewalk and a cooler of popsicles on the front yard beside table set up with gift cards from our local ice cream shop for each child to take home.

I ordered a special sign for Grayson's birthday that arrived the week before; there were SO many options and I was pleased with this one I selected (plus it arrived super fast!). Grayson really didn't ask for anything except for a $4 music app for his iPad, but it was so sweet of his friends and family so send such fun gifts for him including a Super Soaker (from Nana and Papi) and a remote controlled helicopter (from his Auntie Ariane and Uncle Lawrence).

We're thankful for our friends, family, health and safety more than anything during this time.

Here's to a socially distanced summer...

P.S. I'm still mostly over on IG Stories; despite social distancing things are still moving faster than I can get them up on the blog!