Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The Gift of Education with the U.Fund College Investing Plan and MEFA

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by MEFA and the U.Fund College Investing Plan; all opinions expressed are my own.

In 1999 my husband and I met as 18-year-old college students and 20 years later when we became first-time parents, we knew saving for our children’s college education was crucial. During the current situation we are giving more thought to our future, and a college savings plan is a great way to help friends and family contribute to your children’s future this holiday season.

I’ve been championing experiences over things in this space for years and given today’s uncertainty I’m doubling down on this. While travel is restricted and local visits to many of our favorite places, I’m thinking about ways we can look ahead and have family contribute in meaningful ways. Thankfully friends and family can contribute to your child’s college savings plan. 

I used student loans and partial scholarships to cover my tuition while my husband was on full athletic scholarship, but as we know uncertainty happens so it’s best to have options and make a plan. You can learn more about how MEFA’s U.Fund College Investing Plan can work for your family this season by visiting their website here.


With so many educational institutions making changes this year, it’s definitely challenging thinking ahead to what the landscape for our children might be. We’ll continue helping them as best we can with our current remote and hybrid learning situations knowing that we are continuing to put away crucial savings for their future. Our college years were some of the best for my husband and I, and we have fond memories on both of our campuses. It’s been such a great legacy allowing our children to see firsthand where we met. 

Being able to visualize, dream and plan for your family is such a gift, and I’m thankful for how MEFA makes it possible. As we help our children think about what they want to be when they grow up we do our best to continue to help them hope and dream knowing that we have a plan.


My daughter is set on becoming a writer while Grayson is excited about the possibility of playing basketball just like his dad!

While it’s a challenge not being able to be with family this holiday season, we’ve added contributions to the college savings plan to both our children’s wish lists - and yes, they’ve asked for a few toys already too! It’s such a great way to make a long-term, lasting impact for their future. 

How are you preparing for your children’s college savings plan? To learn more about setting up MEFA’s U.Fund College Investing Plan visit