Monday, January 25, 2021

Welcome 2021: Time to Align (& a Giveaway)

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That's exactly what this Monday feels like to me.

I was over on IG TV this morning with a Happy New Year message explaining a bit more.

Check it out...

In years past I'd create a list of "10 Things I'm Looking Forward To," but at the end of 2019 something felt unsettled in my spirit, and I didn't feel compelled to compile my annual list. I even bought my annual Day Designer last year, however I didn't feel like setting it up (I ended up using it more like a scrapbook as I explain here in my 2021 Day Designer unboxing video). Something just seemed way off and well, I'm glad I listened to my gut. I kinda feel like it was something in me causing me to be defensively pessimistic and ultimately, I think it helped me mitigate a lot of disappointment last year.

The one thing I did stick with last year was my Word of the Year. Compared to my 10 Things list, having a word didn't seem so daunting and looking back I'm glad I selected the word I did: Release. Like so many of us, I ended up releasing a lot. Pre-Covid, I knew there'd be things I'd be releasing - especially when it came to a couple multi-year volunteer positions I held. I feel like the word "release" vs. my word the year prior, "eliminate," was a gentler word in that things I released made room for someone else to step up. It felt like more of completion and with both I gave notice way in advance that it was coming. 

Fall 2020 I virtually attended the South Shore Conference for Women, a conference I attended in person in 2019 for the first time. It's such a dynamic conference for local women at a wonderful price point that makes it very accessible. I sat in on a panel with Clara Angelina Diaz, a coach, and I was immediately captivated by her focus and energy. 

{Clara at 2020's South Shore Conference for Women}

I booked a discovery call and ended up working with her for the first time in an 8 week coaching program. It was an investment in myself, something I rarely do, but now I realize how vital it is. I highly recommend working with a coach if you haven't before! 

Clara introduced me to Positive Intelligence, and I did a massive 2020 gig audit which helped inform a 2021 filter so I can work efficiently, aligning my goals with opportunities that come my way as well as proactively pursuing those that make are a good fit. 

My 2021 word of the year is in the above paragraph: Align.

{Via Merriam Webster}

I was ready with this word in November and had it ready to go on my letter board:

After all that happened last year I'm ready for things to literally come into line - order, purpose, and clarity. Of course, I understand the unexpected happens (hello  2020), but I think it's worth putting some guardrails on 2021. I'm all about therapy, boundary setting, and prioritizing my health. 

Lastly to celebrate the successes in the past month, I'm giving away 2 special edition Georgia election stickers by Mayhem Paper Portraits over on this Instagram post (easy entry!): 

Happy New Year 2021!  Stay tuned over on Instagram (where I'm most active...for now!) for some really big announcements in the coming weeks. I'm so excited for what's in store...