Monday, December 21, 2020

A Holiday Update with Comcast

Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Comcast; all opinions expressed are my own.

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As the year ends my family and I have been putting Comcast to the test with our remote learning and working from home! We have so many devices running at any given time and as longtime Comcast customers it’s been really great to see all they’ve been up to with improvements to service and beyond. 

I’m excited to share a few updates with you so check them out…

Extended Covid Support

With learning and working from home continuing to be the reality for most, Comcast has announced extended Covid support through June 2021. This means Comcast will continue to provide free Internet service for the first 60 days for new Internet Essentials customers, and free access to more than 1.5 million public Xfinity WiFi hotspots, the largest network of its kind in the country, through June 30, 2021. So many communities are in need of internet access and the digital divide is very real so this support is welcome. 

Xfinity Mobile

Staying connected is crucial now more than ever when we can’t always be in physical proximity to our friends and family. Thanks to Xfinity Mobile rated #1 in customer satisfaction, this is easier as it’s available to Xfinity Internet customers and includes up to five lines of unlimited nationwide talk and text, no activation fees, and no phone line access fees. When combined with free access to millions of Xfinity WiFi hotspots, Xfinity Mobile customers can save hundreds of dollars per year on their wireless bills.


Xfinity Mobile customers can choose from two straightforward nationwide 5G data options – By-the-Gig shared data starting at 1GB for $15, 3GB for $30 and 10GB for $60, or Unlimited for $45 per month per line.* Unlike most wireless carriers, Xfinity Mobile gives customers the flexibility to mix-and-match data options per line on an account and switch any line on an account between data options, at any time during their billing cycle.

xFi and Beyond

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Since it’s been a while here’s a refresher on xF Xfinity’s signature way of giving its customers   unprecedented visibility and control over one of the most important technologies in their lives – with the fastest speeds, the best coverage, and ultimate in-home control.


  • Speed – up to 1 Gig in the home…

  • Coverage – Stay connected, inside & outside the home with our Advanced Gateway, Pods, and 19 million+ Xfinity WiFi hotspots.

    • More on our next generation pods here.

  • Control – Xfinity xFi gives consumers visibility into all the devices that are connected to their home WiFi network, and allows them to organize, monitor and personalize their experience.

My family has our pods strategically positioned throughout our home as we spread out across three floors throughout the day. When my husband and I trade off exercising with the kids’ use of the basement for video games, we’ll switch to our respective offices to get work done and it helps to know we have consistent coverage. 

Additionally, the best in-home WiFi is possible when you pair it with an Xfinity xFi Gateway…

  • No-cost equipment upgrades (as technology changes, speed updates happen, you’re all set and will get your equipment updated at no cost) + tech support

  • Easy WiFi management and Parental Controls

  • Xfi Advanced Security to block online threats and protect every connected device automatically (If it’s connected; it’s protected!)

My husband and I have access to the xFi app on our phones and use it to monitor device usage and connectivity. It’s a great security tool to have at our fingertips! Comcast’s xFi Advanced Security service was made free for all 20 million xFi customers across all of Comcast’s service areas in January. This product was developed based on customer feedback requesting a way to protect IoT devices in this connected home era. It uses AI and machine learning technology to monitor and analyze WiFi traffic in the home, and automatically blocks identified suspicious activity in real time. To activate this service, Xfinity xFi customers can log onto the Xfinity app and enable xFi Advanced Security.

What's New on X1

My family and I have also enjoyed on demand programming options from Comcast. They just launched HBO Max (access included for free for Xfinity HBO customers); CBS All Access and coming up in 2021 is Disney+ and ESPN+ on X1 and Flex. The Christmas/Holiday section on X1 has been great for giving the kids easy access to programming - all they have to do is say “Christmas” and it takes them right to it. There’s a Christmas Countdown and more just in time for the holiday break.


Comcast's Commitment to DEI

As a Comcast customer I’ve been supportive of their DEI efforts especially this year by offering support to close the digital divide as well as support BIPOC-owned businesses who are especially in need. In October, Comcast launched Comcast RISE, a multi-year initiative created to help strengthen and empower small businesses, starting with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color owned businesses; those hardest hit by COVID-19. The Comcast RISE program will help thousands of small businesses over the next three years through grants, marketing and technology upgrades, including media campaigns and connectivity, computer and voice equipment, as well as free marketing insights to all applicants. For more information, visit

Accompanying their existing programs such as Internet Essentials, its multi-year plan to invest in “Lift Zones” as well as the support of local school communities’ access to the internet, Comcast will continue to be a leader in technology access and community involvement into 2021 and beyond. 

To learn more about their ongoing efforts you can check out the full summary here

Thanks to Comcast my family is finishing the year strong, connected and ready to confidently face 2021.