Thursday, July 15, 2021

July Feature: I'm on Work Like a Mother Podcast!

Today I look a look at my schedule and realized the summer is basically over! One stop in Staples and seeing all the school supplies perfectly lined up seemed to solidify that. 

It's been quite the hiatus here in this space! I'm most active on Instagram - specifically my stories - but am excited to share that I was recently featured on Work Like a Mother Podcast produced by Neighborhood Schools

Check it out (you can also search "Work Like a Mother on Spotify or Apple too!):

Here's a link to the summary transcript here

I'm excited to be doing a lot of cool projects offline, but please check out my personal website Quiana for all things brand me. 

For now I'm settling into 2 more weeks of camp for my kids then a few fun family adventures as things continue to re-open and we safely reunite with family and friends across the US. 

Safe travels to those of you traveling this summer as well!