Monday, January 31, 2022

Happy New Year 2022

{Photo credit: Angle formerly Shoot My Travel}

It's been a minute, hasn't it? I've been in a reflective mood and wanted to return to this space for a "where I've been post." 

Let's start with my Word of the Year:

Thank you Mud Love for my Word of the Year mug!

After working with a coach for the first time at the end of 2020 - Clara Angelina Diaz - 2021's word "align" kept me on track to get Brand Quiana in order mainly through my website. This helped me filter through the many opportunities that come my way and literally align with those that respect my boundaries, time and mission. Coming off of that and the effort that ensued in 2021, I selected the word "ease" as in the midst of the pandemic things continuously feel like a slog. I'm leaning into ease in a way that doesn't mean everything needs to be "easy," however moving away from things that create unnecessary struggle. Things are hard enough, why make them harder?

A few things that are helping me lately:
  • The Shine App - recommended by my sister a couple years ago, I appreciate that it's a mental health app founded by women of color to address our needs
  • The Peloton App - again, recommended by my sister! While I don't have the actual bike, I do have a fantastic alternative (you can see a video of my set-up here); I appreciate the non-bike workout options that the app has 
  • Wordle - this word game came at perfect time and I appreciate that there's nothing to download and no need to log in (so far the scientifically proven best starter word is working well for me!) 
These "tools in my toolbox" have become a welcome routine in the midst of the mix of uncertainty and each day feeling like it's running into the next (honestly, I almost titled this blog post 2021 - since 2020 it really has felt like one long year). 

For now I'm grateful for ending the month good health despite a rocky start, both kids in school also despite hiccups to start the first few weeks, and some cool partnerships ahead. I'm still most active over on Instagram if you want to catch me there!