Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Sick Lil Love Bird

My poor baby!
I had mentioned on Nia's 15 month update that she was sick last weekend. When I researched about breastfeeding I learned how it boosts the baby's immune system. Well, Nia's only been sick one other time, which in 15 months is not bad!

Nia fascinated by the crunchy paper
Nia's temperature shot up overnight on Thursday and despite two cool baths and Tylenol her fever would not stay down. When I called her dr. on Friday morning they asked to see her immediately. The dr. checked her ears, breathing and eyes then took a look in her throat and proclaimed, "Aha! Coxsackie!"

I was like, "What did you just call my baby?!"

He then explained it was a virus going around NYC. I shared the news over the phone with Mr. Love Bird who was at work who proceeded to Google for more info:

Coxsackieviruses are part of the enterovirus family of viruses (which also includes polioviruses and hepatitis A virus) that live in the human digestive tract. They can spread from person to person, usually on unwashed hands and surfaces contaminated by feces, where they can live for several days.{Source}

Oh wow! I suddenly lost my appetite.

On our way home from the dr.
For the rest of the weekend we canceled our plans and stayed home. I did get a bit stir crazy so Mr. Love Bird watched Nia while I met a friend for coffee Saturday morning then attended a concert at the home of a fellow blogger that night (separate post to follow).

My Love Birds
Nia wanted to nurse nonstop, and I'm still feeling the effects of it on my supply. Right when I think we're getting close to weaning something else pops up, but I'll stay patient especially as our trip to Nigeria nears. I think nursing will help the trip go easier so I'll keep being patient for now. 

Anyway, Nia took ibuprofen interspersed with Tylenol for two days then her fever broke and she was back to her normal self being silly, dancing and playing.

My Lil Love Bird's recovery pose
So happy to have our Lil Love Bird back in good health.

Hope my readers are staying happy and healthy!

P.S. Speaking of "sick day" Kelle Hampton over on Enjoying the Small Things wrote poignantly about her baby's sick day. The description of her as a little koala clinging to her hip was exactly how Nia was with me. She shrieked when I tried to put her down and was my little shadow even more so than she normally is. You can read her post here.