Friday, March 16, 2012

Lil Love Bird Visits Imagine That!!!

Since moving across the river Nia and I have had a lot fun enjoying outings with a moms group we joined. It's been a great way to jump in and meet families and get to know our new area. 

Last week we went to an outing to Imagine That!!! a giant hands-on museum. I had mentioned wanting to take Nia to Philadelphia's Please Touch Museum, which I still want to do perhaps this summer, and when I saw this event I knew immediately that Nia would love it. 

I was right!

There were so many discovery areas for Nia to explore:

It was her first time with glue and I've never seen her so focused! She sat here for over 15 minutes.

She wanted to free the puppies

Lil Love Bird was not a fan of Bernoulli's principle - she kept fussing!

The nondescript entrance - who would know all that fun was inside?

She was exhausted and quickly fell asleep on the ride home