Monday, March 3, 2014

A Lupita Kind of Weekend

Folks! I had to postpone my planned post for today when this happened last night: 

{Image Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images}

It really made my weekend and Mr. Lovebird, who's away on business and was on the phone with me when she won, didn't understand when I suddenly started crying when they announced her as the winner. Really?! Sometimes guys just don't understand . . .

Anyway I had just read this over the weekend and was cautiously optimistic about Lupita's Oscar odds:
What I love about Lupita is the total package she presents - every chance I get I point her out to Nia (who probably thinks I'm a little nutty by now!) to show her someone who looks like her who's prominent. And even if it's just a fleeting moment or a fad, I don't care: I'm here for her now. All. Of. Her.

So back to the rest of the weekend pre-Lupita win . . .

It was a good one:
Baby Bobo offered his support
Got to partake in Clinton Street Baking Company on the last day of their Pancake Month
I just couldn't stop eating alllll weekend . . .
Finally combining forces with my sisters Ariane and Lauren so we can put our marketing, PR and graphic design expertise to use!
Obsessed with "Frozen" thanks to KidFresh (and a fun giveaway coming up!)

At our church
Up past her bedtime to watching Pharrell perform her favorite song "Happy" at the Oscars
Oh and one more Lupita moment cause I can't help it:

{Image Credit}

Did you watch the Oscars? What was your favorite (or awkward!) part?