Monday, December 22, 2014

A Pre-Christmas State of the Lovebirds

Teething is Every morning I feel like:

It's nearly 11a.m. at the time I'm sitting down to write this, and I'm only on my first cup of coffee, but I already know I'm going to need another. The little man is asleep at last after being up from 12:30a.m.-4a.m. and to top it off Nia has a nasty cold so we're huddled up trying to get to 100% before we leave for Maryland on Wednesday.

I'm going to do a bit of bulleted stream of consciousness especially because I've had a lot of people asking about our continued transition to New Hampshire:

  • It seems like we're coming into a natural schedule with school Tuesday-Thursday and swimming on Mondays followed by lunch out and story time ; Friday's we attend a small playgroup in Maine - we were blessed to find a wonderful group of moms and Nia's especially enjoyed the children she's met and having a regular playgroup to look forward to (also Nia keeps asking if we get to stay here and it's too cute!)
  • Our 6th annual holiday cookie exchange last weekend went well - we had a few friends up from Boston as well as some new friends stop by; while it wasn't nearly as large as our previous parties it was a fun opportunity to open our home up and I look forward to hosting more get-togethers
  • We had a bright spot in our weekend when we went to the Strawberry Banke Museum's 35th annual Candlelight Stroll; there were over 2 hours of historic homes to tour, but with the new ice skating rink in plain view Nia only wanted to do that so we spent most of our time on the ice

  • We still have quite a few boxes to unpack. It's mostly books in the office, children's clothing and toiletries. With Mr. Lovebird home next week I'm planning to finish it up

  • We've started juicing. Yeah, yeah we're late to the party, but we really needed to drop a few pounds around here and since I've been able to consistently get to the YMCA when Nia's in school (thank God for the childcare included!) this is one more step in the right direction. I'm excited to make the recipes on Simple Green Smoothie's Instagram feed; I met the founders at Alt in January and I've been obsessed ever since

  • A bit of blogging business: I'm sure you've noticed I've had more sponsored posts lately. Many are seasonal and/or related to baby gear. Thank you for supporting the businesses that support Harlem Lovebirds and I look forward to getting back to more lifestyle editorial incorporated in the coming months (annnnd finally posting my birth story and Blogalicious recap). For daily updates you can always find me on Instagram!

  • Oh and I can't leave without sharing a cute pic of Gray from Instagram this morning:

P.S. I'll be back later today with an amazing make-ahead breakfast casserole recipe just in time for Christmas!