Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Airplane Mode

We got back at 2a.m. Saturday from our spring break trip, and it was a last minute hiatus that I so needed. Mr. Lovebird instructed there was to be no sharing on social media during our trip ("No Twittix," as he calls it!), and we didn't even tell our family until we were en route to our connecting flight.

Now I did have a couple posts due last week so I had to get tho$e up, but there was no "checking-in" to locations, tagging brands/companies or doing "blogger grace" (AKA Instagram-sharing) before every meal etc. 

It was fantastic to just be. 

It's kind of sad to say that, but being a blogger is one of my many hats and like millions of people who make being online their job, it's a challenge to step away. I literally put my phone on airplane mode most of the trip and enjoyed being with my family. 

It was also good to see a few old friends and for Uka to catch up with former teammates (some of whom are still playing basketball!). The kids especially loved the beach (they did wonderful on the 90 minute ferry ride each way), and I think Grayson had the most fun in the sand, you agree?:

I feel so refreshed coming back and am hitting the ground running resuming my to-do lists. May feels like I'm just now getting my groove for 2016. I also think my meds have something to do with that - I returned from break with good news that my thyroid is now stabilized. Now to get my iron and vitamin D levels in check...

Here's what's going on now that we're back:

  • It's a rainy week here, and I don't mind since it's been fun breaking these in (Happy Mother's Day to meeeee!)
  • Mr. Lovebird joins me briefly in year 35 this Saturday, and we're heading for a quick overnight getaway to see Wayne Brady - we were on the fence about it and bought tickets kind of last minute and were shocked to see online it's pretty much sold out (I had to call to get seats released O_o)
  • Getting ready for our family's first glamping camping trip in Pigeon Forge/Smoky Mountains for Memorial Day Weekend - our cabin is pretty sweet! 
  • Prepping for Grayson's 2nd birthday - not sure about the theme/location yet, but definitely outdoors
  • I was hired for my first live workshop this fall - it's a profit stream I'm excited about and look forward to doing more of!
  • Bought a ticket to Blogalicious just under the early bird deadline (shhh! don't tell Mr. Lovebird, as I'm supposed to be on a conference hiatus this year!)
And a bit of blogging admin - here are the winners of my last 2 Earth Day giveaways:

Coming up I have a family 4 pack of NYC Raffi tickets (and 2 CDs including his latest!) up for grabs as well as a cute Madame Alexander giveaway too. Stay tuned!

What's the longest you've gone on airplane mode?