Monday, May 9, 2016

How to Have an Epic Mother's Day Weekend

This is my 6th Mother's Day and each year the day after my feed is flooded with disappointment from fellow moms. I've been there and have written about it before, and of course motherhood is not just about this one Hallmark? holiday, but who wants to be left out?

We kicked off Mother's Day weekend Friday night with Uka's 35th birthday celebration - his birthday was actually Saturday, but we had a quick KID-FREE (!) getaway planned so we celebrated early as a family. 

Uka missed making deep dish pizza last year so did it this year, and I made his usual Better Than Sex cake. 

Saturday we were up for Grayson's swimming lesson; it's the first session that Nia's not also swimming. She told me she preferred to wait for the summer outdoor lessons to start so fine by me! The shuffle between the two of them in the pool is a bit hectic so I don't mind. 

After lunch Uka and I made our way to Connecticut to check out Wayne Brady at Foxwoods. It was an improv show and so, so fun! I was surprised I was able to stay awake after the incredible dinner at David Burke Prime - the bacon and cotton candy were the best. 

We got word Grayson wasn't feeling too well but we kept in touch with our sitter and thankfully he wasn't running a fever. She did a fantastic job holding down the fort and we came back Sunday. We had tickets to see "Captain America: Civil War" in 3D and beforehand headed out for ramen at Anju in Kittery. I *will* be regularly crossing the bridge just for the pork bun. It. Is. Everything.

I was ready to crash after lunch and the movie so I eeked out a slap-together dinner and went to bed. HARD.

Although it was a fab Mother's Day weekend, this is very much my reality now!:

How was your Mother's Day weekend?