Friday, April 18, 2014

And We're Off! A Family-moon in Vermont

It's been years since I've been to Vermont having visited twice while living in Boston for 9 years, and when I met the co-owners of Snapdragon Inn at Alt SLC earlier this year I was excited to be invited to their property with my family. 

While I considered a romantic getaway for just me and Mr. Lovebird I had to reconsider as I have vivid memories of me and my parents at Lil Lovebird's age so I thought her coming along would make a special memory for her pre-baby Bobo (as she still calls him!).

Here's a sneak peak of what awaits us at Snapdragon Inn located in Windsor, VT:

{Images credit: Snapdragon Inn}

It's a bit chillier up there than here (spring is really slow to start it seems) and spring skiing is still going strong. We were also invited to Killington so we're making a day trip out of it especially because Mr. Lovebird who spends a lot of time in Vermont for work has heard it's a must-visit. 

On Sunday I've seen a few sunrise Easter services that look grueling intriguing to attend, but I think between me and my bump and Nia's super-feisty nature lately, I don't think we'll be able to get up so early. I found a 10a.m. service though that I think we'll be able to manage. 

Follow along on Instagram throughout the weekend for a few snippets of our family-moon and I'll have a full report when I return!

Are you taking any special trips this holiday weekend?  Wishing you and your family a happy Easter!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Who Me? Team Apple?!

If you've followed my blog you've heard about my tech woes especially lately with the cracking of my tablet screen and PC hard drive dying all on the same day. We've been a PC family for years but what's interesting is when I think back the very first computer I ever learned on was a Mac. 

So I guess it was time to return to my roots...


I'm now Team Apple and...


I wrote this post from my new MacBook Air and it was such a breeze. Here's what I like off the bat:
  • SO quiet - with a flash drive I hardly even know it's running; super silent!
  • Lightweight - I can't get over how thin it is! With post-baby travel and especially at blogging conferences this is very important
  • Easy to use - out of the box I was ready to go and love how quickly it starts up from off or sleep mode (my PC took too much time to think!)
  • Comfortable keyboard - I was concerned about a 13" laptop feeling too cramped, but it's super comfy to type on

There are only a couple things I have issues with so far:
  • No light on the FaceTime HD camera 
  • Certain things just don't appear like they do on a PC (ex. trying to connect my wireless hard drive and printer)

Next, I definitely need to get an indestructible case for it especially with my bad luck with technology. What I've seen so far on Amazon are a little too utilitarian looking. I want something both tough and stylish. Any recommendations?

Are you an Apple fan? If you switched from PC to Mac what was your experience like? Please share your tips/tricks and resources for making the transition easier!


P.S. While I switched my laptop I am definitely still Team Droid when it comes to phones! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My First Post-Partum Race is Set!

I guess I should really call it "my first race," but at any rate I just registered yesterday to do this with my sisters:

Have you heard of the R.O.C. Race? I had hoped to do it last year but it was rescheduled much later and I wasn't able to and now I'm excited for another chance this year. It'll be a week before my birthday and Baby Agbai 2.0 will be roughly 3 months old then so perfect timing. 

Can't wait!

Have you ever done an obstacle course race like this?


Friday, April 11, 2014

A New "Favorite Friend" From Madame Alexander

Disclosure: As part of Madame Alexander's Mom Advisory Board I received a doll for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own. 

We've fully entered doll obsession in our household and while I was at Toy Fair 2014 I had the pleasure of meeting with Madame Alexander, a heritage doll company that I had heard so much about over the years - I was surprised to learn there was even a doll factory in my old neighborhood in Harlem many years ago! I had inherited a collectible doll growing up that I was terrified of breaking and had the same perception of Madame Alexander, but was pleasantly surprised to learn about their everyday play dolls. 

As part of their Mom Advisory Board I'll be reviewing dolls throughout the year and sharing other Madame Alexander news with you. To kick-off this partnership I selected the Favorite Friend Autumn Mist 18" doll for my Lil Lovebird.

{Image Credit: Madame Alexander}

At 18" this is the tallest doll that Nia's had and also the first that's not dressed in baby clothes. Nia picked up on this immediately and wouldn't allow me to call her a baby doll. Instead she named her "Tessa" and declared her her sister.

Excuse me! 

I love seeing how Nia plays with Tessa. It's very important to dress and re-dress her and while I can't share a picture of it here, part of her bedtime ritual includes making sure all of Tessa shares Nia's non choice of clothing. 

As a mom here's what I like most about Nia's Favorite Friend Tessa:
  • Appearance - the doll is dressed modestly, yet stylish; too often many doll choices are a bit too grown up for little girls.  
  • High quality - the attention to detail in the clothing (the skirt's even lined!), body and hair assures me that the doll will last
  • Easy to play with - when I first opened the box to see Tessa I was concerned she'd be too delicate, but with a soft body, she's definitely huggable, can be posed to sit easily yet is sturdy; Nia likes playing pretend with her as well as carrying her to school (although she begs to keep her there I take her back home with me!)

Nia and I are pleased to have Madame Alexander as part of her doll collection and with care I look forward to Nia having many years of play with "Tessa!"

To purchase your own Favorite Friends doll (retails for $59.95) visit Madame Alexander's website to see the full selection. 

Did you have collectible dolls growing up? Please share your memories below!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Winner: JC Toys La Newborn Doll Giveaway

{Image via JC Toys}
Folks! I'm struggling today typing away on a clunker due to my tech mishap a couple days ago.

Thank you for the patience in getting the winner of my JC Toys giveaway posted and for all the enthusiastic entries!

I'm excited to announce the winner:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congrats Rhonda! I'll be in touch shortly so I can get you your prize!

Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and I'll be back to regular posts soon . . .


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

No More Perfect Technology Days

I'm part of one of my church's small groups for moms and yesterday after discussing "No More Perfect Days," a chapter in the highly recommended No More Perfect Moms, I headed to Whole Foods for lunch before going back home to rest a minute before getting Nia from school. Being in my 3rd trimester of course I went to the bathroom before getting on the train home and debated putting my tote bag containing my tablet on the ground, but it looked so gross that I decided to hook it on the door.

Big mistake!

With my coat and small paper bag of bananas (Whole Food bananas are my fave - perfectly ripe!), pregnancy tea and DHA capsules the hook just couldn't handle it and it all came crashing down.

I didn't even have to look in my bag to know my tablet cracked.

No more perfect days.

So instead of resting when I got home I spent it getting repair quotes and thanks to my sister Ariane found a place to fix it which is where I'm dropping it off this morning before heading to acupuncture for back pain and stress relief.

Definitely for stress relief cause last night once Nia was in bed I debated folding laundry or writing a blog post. I opted to write however got a "hard drive does not exist" message upon starting up my laptop.

No more perfect days.

I did everything the forums and You Tube suggested to no avail. I've been here before with my Dell and I've seen the signs on my hp for months so not completely surprised but having both the tablet AND laptop go on the same say?! 

C'mon now!

So I'm pausing on blogging to catch up on laundry which is probably what God was trying to tell me I needed to do anyway!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Beach Fun with B. Toys' B. Squirts

Disclosure: I was provided B. Squirts for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own. 

My Lil Lovebird is obsessed with her B. Toys Wee MD doctor kit she received for her 2nd birthday and nearly 2 years later it's one of a handful of her toys that has such longevity (and the batteries are still going strong too!). When I met them at Toy Fair 2014 I was captivated by their fun, colorful toys that promote creativity and exploration. They have quite a few fun water play toys coming out later this year, and during our trip to Puerto Rico I took along the B. Squirts for Nia. She was so excited when I surprised her with them and happily carried them to the pool and beach each day.

{Image credit: B. Toys}
Appropriate for ages 1-5 years, the B. Squirts set comes with 5 whimsical animals as well as a bucket to carry them in. We've had buckets break on us after a few uses, but the B. Squirts' bucket is very sturdy and has drainage holes which helped it dry out. 

Even my sisters had fun playing with Nia's B. Squirts! My sister Ariane and I agreed that the hedgehog (or is it a porcupine?!) B. Squirt was our favorite - it has multiple holes to squirt from! 

Back at home, we've enjoyed using the B. Squirts during bath time and look forward to bringing them to our local pool this summer. I know they'll be a hit with Nia's playmates too!

You can purchase B. Squirts here on Amazon (priced at $17.99+shipping as of this post). Also be sure to check out B. Toys' website to see their full line of toys!



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